Led by our professional team, the company offers one, two and three day professional training seminars. We offer the following courses:


The energy mix of fossil fuels (Oil, natural gas, and coal), nuclear power and renewables (biofuels, solar) is studied. The course is based on an analogous course taught by Dr. Hollo at the graduate school of the University of Houston. The course provides a business and technological foundation that can be applied in determining the likely energy mix of the World and the U.S. in next 5, 10 and 20 years.


The course provides the basic tools to appraise oil and gas reserves and to determine their fair market value. The course curriculum is based on a similar course taught by Dr. Hollo at the University. The course follows the guidelines suggested by Petroleum Resources Management Systems (PRMS) and adopted by the SEC. Among the topics covered are oil and gas prices, reserve calculations, reserve classifications, oil and gas economics software, and methods used to determine fair market value of oil and gas properties.


The course covers the required knowledge to operate oil and gas wells. The course draws on nearly 100 years of combined experience of the company’s professional team. Among the topics covered are production maximization and productivity of oil and gas wells, drilling techniques, oil and gas accounting and financial statements, Land, legal and other regulatory issues common to everyday oil and gas operations.